Why the circle cut by laser cutting machine is not round enough

The traditional method of sheet metal punching the hole is to use a punching machine. It is relying on the external hard force to directly act on the surface of the workpiece. But it is easy to cause shortcomings such as low accuracy and many spurs on the edge. More and more processing companies have begun to choose lasers to cut round holes. The processing section is smooth, and the diameter can be changed at any time. The operation flexibility is high, but with a modern processing method, it needs a skilled operator. The improper operation will result in irregular circles.

laser cutting machine

  1. Maybe your light intensity is not adjusted well, resulting in no overlap at the end. Generally speaking, the difference between the maximum light intensity and the minimum light intensity should not exceed 5% and the speed should not be adjusted too fast. If it is too fast, it may jump and the results do not coincide.
  2. Check your hardware: beam, lens, nozzle, etc. whether you have any problems.
  3. Check the servo motor or check whether the cutting head is loose.
  4. Air pressure is not suitable. During the blowing process, when the air pressure is too low, edge slag scraping and carbonization will occur. If the pressure is too high, it is easy to burst holes. Therefore, this requires that the craft proofer and the machine cooperate perfectly. Choose the right air pressure based on experience to make the cut round holes more full.
  5. The round hole is too small. The best solution for cutting round holes with a laser cutting machine is a round hole ratio of 1: 1. It means that the ratio of the hole diameter and the plate thickness is 1: 1. Of course, when the hole diameter becomes larger, easily cutting the holes, increase the round hole quality. Otherwise, when the energy of the fiber laser cutting machine is insufficient, the small hole is easy to cut out and the phenomenon of residual broken points and round holes are not round.
  6. The servo motor parameters are incorrect. Circular holes sometimes appear elliptical or irregular, which is related to the XY axis motion mismatch. The direct cause of the XY axis motion mismatch is the inappropriate adjustment of servo motor parameters. Therefore, the quality of cutting round holes also has certain requirements for servo motors.
  7. The precision error of the guide rail and lead screw. If the servo motor parameter error affects the cutting quality, then the accuracy error of the guide rail and the lead screw will directly lead to the round hole accuracy can’t reach expectations.

All these parameters are used to identify whether the precision, speed. The other parameters of the circular hole cutting meet the standard requirements. It is enough to identify whether the quality of the laser cutting machine is good.

Now, let’s take a look at the four factors that affect the cutting accuracy of fiber laser cutting machines.

  1. The size of the laser agglomeration of the laser generator. After the gathering, if the light spot is small, the cutting accuracy is high. If the gap after cutting is also small, it means that the fiber laser cutting machine has high precision and good quality. However, the beam emitted by the laser is tapered, so the slits are also tapered. Under such conditions, the greater the thickness of the workpiece, the lower the accuracy, so the slit will larger.

cutting head

  1. The accuracy of the workbench. If the precision of the working table of the fiber laser cutting machine is very high, the precision of the cutting will be increased accordingly. Therefore, the accuracy of the worktable is also an important factor to measure the accuracy of the laser generator.
  2. The laser beam condenses into a cone. Taper downward the laser beam after the fiber laser cutting machine cuts. At this time, if the thickness of the cutting workpiece is thick, the cutting accuracy will decrease, the slit will be larger.
  3. The difference in cutting material. It will also affect the accuracy of the fiber laser cutting machine. Under the same circumstances, the fiber laser cutting machine cuts stainless steel and aluminum, the accuracy will be different, the cutting accuracy of stainless steel will be higher, and the cutting surface will be smoother.



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