Why is the guillotine shearing machine more expensive than pendulum-type?

guillotine and swing beam shearing machine

The advantages of guillotine shearing machine

The hydraulic guillotine shearing machine belongs to the second generation of hydraulic shearing machine. The guillotine shearing machine has high precision for cutting thin plates. The gap between the blade and the blade of the pendulum type and gate type are both 0.04mm. However, the clearance of the bearing connection between the swingarm and the swing frame body of the pendulum machine cannot be eliminated. The shear accuracy error of the clearance and the blade clearance is usually above 0.1mm.

The rear guide rail of the guillotine shearing machine tool holder body is compressed by the bearing with a compression spring pad on the back so that there is no play between the front and rear guide rails. The added accuracy error of the clearance and the blade gap is kept at about 0.04mm, so that the shearing The material can be smoother and less hairy. To put it briefly: the cutting method of pendulum shears is similar to scissors, and the cutting method of gate shears is similar to nail clippers.

Pendulum shearing machine

Since the knife holder body of the pendulum shearing machine itself is arc-shaped, the point of the arc is used to guarantee the straightness of the shearing material. It is not as good as the guillotine shearing machine to guarantee the straight line of the knife holder body to cut the material. The straightness is accurate. Hydraulic guillotine shears have a long life span, and the upper blades of hydraulic pendulum shears cannot use 4-sided cutting.

Because the movable line of the knife frame of the pendulum shearing machine is arc-shaped., It can only use the diamond blade to cut on both sides. The guillotine shearing machine knife holder body moves up and down in a straight line. And its upper and lower knife surfaces can be cut by 4 sides. So the service life of the guillotine shearing machine blade is more than twice that of the pendulum type. After a long-term task, the tool holder is prone to weakness and deformation. The pendulum shearing machine isn’t in the same line and the distance between the force point and the blade of the tool holder is not the same.

The phenomenon of the knife is more serious, resulting in burrs on the sheared plate, and the guillotine shearing machine is not easy to deform. Because the cylinder, the knife rest, and the blade are in the same line and move perpendicular to the lower blade. All of the above is for thin plates!



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