The type of punching machine

The punching machine is also called power press. The punching process is the punching machine through die, which can make blanking, punching, forming, deep drawing, trimming, fine punching, shaping, riveting and extrusion. In the national production, the stamping process has the advantages of saving materials and energy compared with traditional machining. High efficiency, low technical requirements for the operator. The use of various mold applications to make products that cannot be achieved by machining.

the type of punching machine (1)

Punch processing is widely used in various fields, such as switch sockets, cups, cupboards, saucers, computer cases, and even missile aircraft we use … There are a lot of accessories that can be produced with a punch through a mold. The following is a brief introduction which types:

1. According to different driving forces

The driving force of the slider can be divided into two types: mechanical and hydraulic. Therefore, the punching machine is divided into:

(1) Mechanical punching machine

(2) Hydraulic punching machine

For ordinary sheet metal stamping, most of them use mechanical punching machine. Hydraulic punching machine have different types of fluids, including oil presses and water presses. Most of them use oil presses, and oil presses are mostly used for giant machines or special machines.

2. According to the movement of the slider.

There are single-action, double-action, and triple-action punching machine. Currently, the most commonly used is a single-movement press with a slider. The double-action and three-action punching machine are mainly used in automobiles. The number of car body and large-scale machined parts use less.

3. According to slider drive mechanism

(1) Crank type punching machine

The punching machine that uses a crankshaft mechanism is called a crankshaft punching machine. The most common reason for using a crankshaft mechanism is that it is easy to make, can accurately determine the end position under the stroke, and the slider movement curve is basically used in various processes. Therefore, this type of punching is practically used for punching, bending, stretching, hot forging, warm forging, cold forging, and almost all other punch processing.

(2) Without crank punching machine

Without crank punching machine are also called eccentric gear type punching machine. The function of the two structures of the crankshaft type punch and the eccentric gear type punch is measured. The eccentric gear type punch is superior to the crankshaft structure in terms of shaft rigidity, lubrication, appearance, and maintenance. The disadvantage is that the price is higher. When the stroke is longer, the eccentric gear type punch is more favorable, and if the stroke of the special punching machine is short, the crankshaft punch is better. Therefore, small machines and high-speed punching machine are also in the field of crankshaft punching machine.

(3) Elbow punching machine

Use the elbow mechanism on the slider drive are called elbow type punching machine. This type of punching machine has a unique slider movement curve where the speed of the slider near the bottom dead point becomes extremely slow (as measured by the crankshaft punching machine). Moreover, the dead point position under the stroke is also correctly determined. Therefore, this punching machine is suitable for compression processing such as embossing and finishing, and is currently used most in cold forging.

(4) Friction type punching machine

Punching machine that uses friction transmission and a screw mechanism on a track drive is called a friction punching machine. This kind of punching machine is most suitable for forging and crushing operations, and can also be used for bending, forming, stretching and other processing. It has a versatile function because it has been widely used for its low price.

(5) Spiral punching machine

Use the screw mechanism on the slider driving mechanism are called spiral punching machine

(6) Rack type punching machine

A rack and pinion mechanism used on a slider drive mechanism is called a rack-type punching machine. Spiral punching machine have almost the same characteristics as rack-type punching machine. Their characteristics are almost the same as those of hydraulic punching machine. Formerly used for squeezing bushings, chips and other items, squeezing, packing, and extruding shells (thinning process in hot rooms), etc.  But today they have been replaced by hydraulic punching machine, unless extremely special Is no longer used.

(7) Connecting rod punching machine

Punching machine that use various rod mechanisms on the slider drive mechanism are called connecting rod punching machine. The purpose of using the link mechanism is to keep the stretching speed within the limit during the extension process. While reducing the cycle of the process, and to reduce the change in the speed of the extension process to speed up the approach stroke from the top dead center to the processing start point and The speed of the return stroke from the bottom dead center to the top dead point makes it shorter than the crankshaft punching machine to improve productivity.

(8) Cam type punching machine

A cam punching machine that uses a cam mechanism on the slider drive mechanism is called a cam punch. The characteristic of this kind of punching machine is the cam shape that is made properly so as to easily get the desired slider movement curve. However, due to the nature of the cam mechanism, it is difficult to convey a large force, so this punching capacity is very small.




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