The structure of plate rolling machine

We should know the structure of the plate rolling machine. Since plate rolling machines develop, there are many types and models.
rolling machineAmong the metal plate rolling machines is asymmetrically adjustment three roller plate rolling machine. Fix the two lower rollers position, they are active rollers. The upper rollers are moving rollers, which can move up and down. With the aid of the clutch, we can adjust the upper roller. To a parallel or inclined position for the lower roller. So that it can meet the demands of rolling round and tapered workpieces. Install the three rollers on the left and right frames to form the main body of the machine.

Transmission system

The transmission system is all set on the right side of the right frame. Integral welding setting the frame and transmission parts. It forms the main body of the machine. The electric console is located in front of the machine. To indicate the lifting displacement of the upper roller. The right frame and bearings can provide pointers and scales. To facilitate the removal of the cylindrical workpiece from the upper roller. On the left end of the upper roller can provide turning bearing. A lifting adjustment structure is provided on the right end.

The positive and negative rotation of the lower roller. Electrical appliances control the lifting and releasing of the upper roller. The disengagement and closing of the unloading reversing bearing. The position adjustment of the lifting adjustment mechanism and the clutch are all manual operations.

Therefore, the three rollers plate rolling machine of this structure. It can fix the position of the two lower rolls. It is always symmetrical to the upper roll, the end of the workpiece directly rolled by the long straight edges. Other devices pre-bend the ends to make up for this deficiency.

Because of its simple structure, reliable work, and easy maintenance. The production of medium plate cylinders can widely use.

The two lower rollers of the plate rolling machine are active rollers. The main motor transmits it. It through the three-stage transmission pair in the arc gear reducer with a ratio of 62.2 to the first-stage open-gear pair supported by the lower roller to make the lower roller. Obtain the design rotation speed, which constitutes the main transmission system of the machine. There is a break in the main drive system to achieve rapid braking.

The auxiliary motor reduce the lifting motion of the upper roller. It through the secondary transmission pair in the auxiliary arc gear reducer with a ratio of 12, which drives the worm gear set installed in the frame to rotate, and the wire sleeve embedded in the wheel rotates to force the upper roller to connect The lifting screw moves linearly and constitutes the auxiliary system of the machine. The adjustment of the relative position of the lower roller at both ends of the upper roller. Separately lifting the left and right lifting screw Hodel achieved. After disengaging the clutch on the worm shaft.



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