Teach you how to bend the arc with press brake

If you can bend a small amount, you also can bend the arc. Here are the specific steps:

1. As shown in the red circle, place the platewhere you want to bend the arc under the press brake.

Figure 1

2. Press the switch and let the press brake

Figure 2

3. As shown in the red circle, after the press brakebending the iron plate, the hand only needs to be lifted up slightly, so that it will not form an excessive angle.

Figure 3

4. After the press brake go upand letthe iron plate forward. Repeat the above three steps. Repeat three times, or more than three times, depending on the size of the arc you need.

Figure 4

5. Here, we repeat three times, bending a semicircle arc.

Figure 5

6. As shown in the figure 6, you can bendan arc and the effect is good.

Figure 6

Every bending algorithm:

2mm thickness plate 120° bending angle bending external radius is 30mm  neutral layer radius 29mm, arc bending We calculate the arc length of the neutral layer. Therefore, the number of bending times and the bending angle of each time are also calculated according to the arc length of the neutral layer.The distance from the edge of the neutral layer is half the plate thickness.

Figure 7

In the above picture, how many times of the circular arc bending , and what is the bending angle of each time?

If we forward 2mm for one time.

Number of bending times = arc length / 2mm = 30.37 / 2 = 15

Number of bending times 15

Bending angle

=180- {(2/arc length) X (180-bend angle)}=180-{(2/30.37)X60}=176

176 degrees bending angle for one time.

If we have no arc length when bending, we can also calculate according to the following formula.

Bending angle = 180-{(2/3.14X neutral radius) X180}=180-{(2/3.14X29)X180}=176

If you want to forward 3mm one time, change 2 to 3 in the above formula

Of course, the above formula is a theoretical calculation formula. In the actual processing, the results calculated according to the above formula are adjusted.




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