Reduce the noise of the hydraulic ironworker

The main characteristics of the hydraulic ironworker suitable for the installation of various specifications of the mold, punching die, cutting die, and other hardware molds. Electric hole punching machine can be installed in a small car and transported directly to the construction site. The hydraulic punching machine can be used on any floor without damaging the floor. The machine with low noise does not affect the rest of the surrounding residents. The motor of the machine is a national standard pure copper motor, which saves power! The mold uses an inside knife-edge clamp mold with a 100 points coefficient.

hydraulic ironworker

How to reduce the noise of the hydraulic ironworker during working?

  1. Before starting the machine, check whether the ironworker’s driving parts, connecting screws, and pins of each part are loose. Whether the electrical grounding is intact.
  2. Before starting the machine, lubricate all parts and drive for a 2-3 minutes’ test.
  3. Overload is not allowed, and punching and shearing of quenched steel are strictly prohibited.
  4. Wear gloves and labor protection equipment when working. Sandals and slippers are strictly prohibited.
  5. When punching and shearing, always refuel the punching tool to prevent the upper and lower punching tools from skewing.
  6. Pay attention to the safety of the fingers when feeding. Especially when the sheet is punched to the end and the presser foot does not press the sheet, punching and cutting are prohibited.
  7. It is strictly prohibited to disassemble and calibrate the cutting edge and die while driving. Punching dies, cutting edges and other mechanical parts are not allowed to be forced.
  8. Strictly control the specification range of the sheet, and punching and shearing are strictly prohibited when it exceeds it.
  9. No other items and a large amount of punching material should be piled up in the workplace and must be stopped during adjustment and cleaning.
  10. After the work is completed, shut down and power off in time to clean up the site.

How to reduce the noise of the hydraulic ironworker during working?

  1. Make sure the combined punching and shearing machine is always in good technical condition.
  2. Make sure the working parts of the punching and shearing machine are complete and reliable. In particular, you need to install the exhaust pipe, because most of the exhaust pipe is equipped with a silencer, which will reduce a large part of the noise.
  3. Prevent loose parts, which may cause vibration.
  4. Maintain and inspect the combined punching and shearing machine. Fill qualified lubricating oils and greases as required to prevent dry or semi-dry friction due to poor lubrication of the relative moving parts and increase noise.
  5. Maintain a good fit clearance of relative moving parts. The driver must assemble or adjust according to the technical requirements.
  6. Do not change the fuel supply at will. If the fuel supply becomes larger, the fuel injected into the cylinder will not burn completely, which wastes fuel, pollutes the air, and increases the noise of the tractor.




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