Reasons for the hotting of the rolling machine

The plate rolling machine is a processing center that continuously bends the plates. It has the effect of producing different templates, such as O-shaped, U-shaped, and R-shaped. Due to the different manufacturing industries used in plate rolling machines, the types also different.

Let’s talk about the reason for the hotting of the plate rolling machine.

rolling machine

1. The pressure is adjusted too high, which promotes the plate rolling machine to drive more and more quickly, thus causing damage to the sealing ring and the baffle.

2. The oil tank of the plate rolling machine itself is not large, which promotes the standard deviation of the heat pipe radiator.

3. Due to excessive axial clearance or damage to the seal ring will cause inside leakage.

After using the plate rolling machine for a period of time, it finds abnormality, so the plate rolling machine should be maintained in normal production and processing to increase the lifetime.

1. Strictly follow the safety operating procedures.

2. The plate rolling machine should be kept as tidy as possible, and the unpainted part of the anti-rust treatment can solve the grease.

3. Before each start, restart regularly according to the requirements of the lubrication data chart. To be determined, add lubricating grease qualitatively.



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