Maintenance of hydraulic press machine

maintenance of hydraulic press machine

The hydraulic press machine works day and night. Once it is damaged, it will delay the progress of the workshop and cause industrial accidents. In order to ensure that the hydraulic press machine keep the good status, it needs regular repair and maintenance.

So how is the hydraulic press machine maintained? Which parts of the hydraulic press machine need to focus on maintenance and repair?

maintenance of hydraulic press machine
Easily damaged small parts as following:

A. Rubber accessories. Such as hydraulic pipes generally show oil leakage after aging.

B. Electrical components. Such as the switches, indicators, indicator tables, wiring, etc. on the control cabinet of the electric hydraulic pump are frequently used and are easily damaged

C. Seals parts. Such as the O-ring in the hydraulic cylinder is invisible from the outside, and generally shows as oil leakage.

D. Various valves and connectors. Such as directional valve, overflow valve, check valve, unloading valve, etc. If there is a big problem with the equipment, such as insufficient pressure, reversing and so on, it is generally the problem of these valves.

E. Oil tank filter and hydraulic oil. After long-term use, there will be a lot of impurities affecting the use, requiring frequent replacement.
However, these perishable accessories can generally be found in the market. Once problems occur, repairs are not recommended. They can be solved by replacing the damaged accessories with normal ones.

Except for the hydraulic machine body, which is a metal product, but the parts that are easily damaged due to wear are:

1. The piston rod in the hydraulic cylinder. If there are scratches, it will cause oil leakage in the hydraulic cylinder. The repair of the piston rod is very troublesome, requires professional equipment and professionals.

2. The four column of the hydraulic press machine (the gantry hydraulic press machine and single column hydraulic press machine can ignore this item). If it is rusted or damaged, movement will be hindered. The bottom surface of the sliding beam and the plane of the lower beam will no longer be parallel.
Because these two parts are exposed to the air, except daily wear and tear, they are more likely to be damaged by external factors (such as accidentally hitting when changing the mold).
maintenance of hydraulic press machine

The maintenance of all hydraulic equipment on the market (not limited to hydraulic machines, such as hydraulic lifting platforms, hydraulic stretching machines, hydraulic baler, hydraulic bending machines, hydraulic broaching machines, hydraulic lifting equipment, etc.) are around three points to deal with:

1. Daily inspection, maintenance and replacement of the above quick-wear parts.

2. Lubrication, anti-wear of movable metal fittings, and fastening of standard parts (such as bolts and nuts).

3. Maintenance of the surface and interior of the equipment (such as the interior of the electrical control cabinet). Avoiding paint scratching, and accumulation of oil and dust.



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