Introduction of shearing machine automatic feeding positioning device

During the ordinary shearing machine cutting plate, the company’s blanking personnel always adopted the method of manual feeding and measuring and positioning, the efficiency is very low, and sometimes the blanking size is wrong due to the measurement inaccuracy. After serial years observation and research, an automatic positioning and feeding device has been invented, which solves the above problems, reduces the labor intensity of the operator, and improves the working efficiency of cutting the narrow plate.

1. composition of automatic feeding positioning device

The device is shown in (Figure 1). The application process: ① rotate the screw rod and adjust the positioning plate to the saw material on the upper knife holder left side ,and make it equal to the length of the blanking material. ② Place the plate on the bracket roller so that it rests on the positioning plate. ③ Turn on the shearing machine so that the upper tool holder can start cutting the board.

Figure 1. Shearing machine automatic feeding device

1. Positioning plate 2. Lock nut 3. Screw rod 4. Pull plate 5. Upper tool holder 6. Boom arm 7. Lower tool holder

8, 11, 18, 31. Pin 9. metal plate 10, 20. Chain 12. Guide rail 13. Rack 14, 15, 16, 19, 23, 24. Gear 17, 22, sprocket

21.Roller 25. Bearing 26. Pawl 27. Spring 28. Pin 29. Bracket 30. Swing arm

Principle: When the upper tool holder drives the down scissors to start cutting, the arm fastened on the upper tool holder also descends synchronously, and pushes the left end hem of the swing arm through the pin shaft (31). At the same time, the right of the swing arm will have a swinging motion. The pin (11) will move the rack up along the vertical slot of the guide rail, and the gear (14) meshing therewith will rotate clockwise. The inner cavity of the gear (15) is a ratchet structure. At this time, gear (14) rotates, but the gear (15) not .

When the upper knife holder of the plate is driven to move the scissors upward, the left of the swing arm will also go up with the arm. At this time, the right  of the swing arm moves with the hem, and the pin (11) will move the rack down the vertical groove of the guide rail to engage with it. The gear (14) will rotate counterclockwise, and the gear (15) will rotate counterclockwise under the action of the pawl of the gear (14), and the gear (23) meshing therewith will rotate clockwise, the gear (24) coaxial with it will also follow. And toggles the gear (16) to reverse growth and rotation.

At this time, the sprocket mounted on the drum will be synchronized with it and the drum will be rotated counterclockwise. The other rollers will rotate counterclockwise under the action of the chain. The plate placed on the plate is fed to the left. When the left of plate is placed on the positioning plate, the plate will stop running, and at this time, the roller will also rotate counterclockwise in the continued upward movement of the upper tool holder, and sliding friction occurs between the plate and the plate until the upper tool holder stops up. When the upper tool holder drives the scissors to descend again, the above action is repeated.

Mainly introduct the swing arm shown in (Figure 2), which must have long slots at both ends so that it can meet the free up and down movement of the pin (31) and (11) in the slot during the swinging process; The right end of the pendulum arm must be an integer multiple of its left side, to increase the stroke of the rack , the number of revolutions of the gear (14) and the feeding size of the sheet. There are a plurality of sets of coaxial holes on the bracket and the swing arm. The position of the mounting pin(8) can be adjusted according to the plate size which should be cutting.

Figure 2 Swing Arm

The pull plate and the screw are two pieces, which are welded on the back of shearing machine. The positioning plate is one piece, and the holes are simultaneously mounted on the two screws. The positioning plate should have a certain elasticity, which is good for re-positioning and resetting during the cutting process.

2.application notes

During the process of use, oil must be frequently injected in the moving parts; but it is not suitable for cutting the  large plates of the feeding situation; To make sure the plates placed on the positioning plate before cutting, the pin (8 )should be considered when adjusting . When the positioning plate is reached, the roller will run for more than half a circle; During the process of cutting plate, should pay more attention to check the status of the plate to prevent the plate feeding amount from being different . the different frictional forces on both sides due to warping, which may cause two sides of the plate can not reach positioning plate, causing the cutting width to be inclined.

3. Conclusion

The automatic feeding and positioning device of the shearing machine solves the manual feeding , component measurement, correction of the ordinary shearing machine problems, It is not only improves work efficiency, but also ensures the shearing quality and it is worth popularizing.




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