Hydraulic oil requirements for hydraulic press machine

Which kind of hydraulic oil is better for hydraulic press machine

In order to make the hydraulic system of the hydraulic press machine better transmit power and movement. The hydraulic oil should have the following properties:

1. Have suitable viscosity and good viscosity-temperature characteristics (no matter the temperature change, the smaller change of viscosity is better)

2. Good lubricating effect, sufficient oil film strength within the specified range to avoid friction;

3. The composition is purer, less impurities, and good anti-foaming property. If the hydraulic oil contains some mechanical impurities, it is easy to block the oil circuit. If it contains volatile substances, it will cause bubbles in the oil and affect the smoothness of the movement;

4. The flow point and freezing point should relatively low, and the flash point and ignition point are relatively high. When used in some high-temperature occasions, high flash point is required for fire safety; when working in a low temperature environment, low freezing point is required. The flash point of the hydraulic oil used in the hydraulic system of a general hydraulic press machine is about 130 ~ 150 degrees, and the freezing point is about -15 ~ -10 degrees;

5. It is better to have good thermal stability, hydrolytic stability, oxidation stability, shear stability and compatibility;

6. With good anti-emulsification, rust and corrosion resistance, so as not to erode the machine parts and sealing elements;

7. Low body expansion coefficient, high specific heat capacity and heat transfer coefficient;

8. Good safety, harmless to human body and low cost.

How to reasonable use hydraulic oil in hydraulic press machine

All hydraulic press machine need use hydraulic oil. But to be better reasonable use, I need introduce to you the use of hydraulic oil.

1. The system must be cleaned before oil change. Before using the hydraulic oil for the first time, the hydraulic system must be thoroughly cleaned. When replacing the same type of hydraulic oil, it should also be flushed with the newly changed hydraulic oil 1-2 times.

2. Hydraulic oil cannot be mixed. If it is determined to use a certain brand of hydraulic oil, it must be used separately. Without the consent of the manufacturer of the hydraulic equipment and without a scientific basis, it cannot be mixed with hydraulic oils of different viscosity grades, or hydraulic oils of the same viscosity grade。 If not the same manufacturer, it also can’t with other types oil.

3. Pay attention to the good sealing of the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system using hydraulic oil must maintain a tight seal to prevent leakage and various external pollutants from mixing in.

4. Change the hydraulic oil in time according to the oil change index. We should regularly sampled and tested the hydraulic oil in hydraulic press machine. Once the physical and chemical indicators in the oil reach the oil change indicators, we should change the oil.



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