How to solve the guillotine shearing machine knife holder cant go up problem

Many customers often face the problem that the guillotine shearing machine knife holder can’t go up. It is caused by insufficient air pressure.

The specific operation methods are as follows:

1. Enter the E21S system, manually adjust the cutting angle A. Press the A- button (see figure 1), so that the knife holder can keep a horizontal line.

Figure 1- E21S control system

2. Open the ball valve (next to the nitrogen cylinder) at the upper of the shearing machine and let the knife holder all fall down.

Figure 2-Ball valve

3. Keep pressing the black oil-filled button which at the side of E21S control system. When the pressure gauge shows 8-9Mpa, release the button.

  Please note:  It need two persons operate for this step.

Figure 3- oil-filled button

Figure 4- Pressure Gauge

4. Close the ball valve.

5. Enter the E21S system again to adjust the cutting angle by manual, press the A + button, the knife holder can both go up.




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