How to prevent the excessive noise of four-column hydraulic press machine

The four-column hydraulic press machine will produce some noise when working. The loud noise will be effect the around and working environment. So we need to solve this problem.

hydraulic press machine

1. Use low-noise hydraulic pumps and control valves for a four-column hydraulic press machine to reduce the speed of the hydraulic pump and reduce the noise of individual hydraulic components. Use low-noise hydraulic components.

2. Reduce the mechanical noise, improve the processing and installation accuracy of the hydraulic pump set of the hydraulic machine, use flexible couplings, and tubeless integrated connection. Use the vibration isolator, anti-vibration pad, use the hose section of the pump inlet and outlet; Separate the hydraulic pump group and oil tank, provide ribs with oil tank, confirm the pipe reasonable length and equipped with the pipe clamp.

3. Reduce fluid noise, make the hydraulic press machine components and pipe fittings well sealed. Prevent air from entering the hydraulic system, and eliminate the air that has been mixed into the system. Use a noise-proof oil tank structure and reasonable piping. Install the oil tank height is higher than the hydraulic pump, then it will improve the pump oil system energy. The pressure valve is gradually lowered, and an oil drain throttle valve or a pressure relief circuit is added to reduce the reversing speed of the reversing valve.

4. Change the pipeline length and the pipe clamp position is to use DC electromagnet. The accumulator and muffler are used to absorb sound The hydraulic pump of the four-column hydraulic press machine or the entire hydraulic station is covered, the pump is invaded in the oil, and the materials are selected reasonably to prevent the noise from spreading in the air to absorb the noise and reduce the noise.



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