How to do laser cutting machine winter freeze protection

If temperature of the laser water cooler is too low, which may cause the water cooler pipe to freeze. Because the density of ice is less than the density of water, the water cooler and the laser will cause the cooling water pipe to rupture or deform due to volume expansion. Therefore, it is necessary for enterprises to do antifreeze maintenance of winter equipment.

Tip one: pay attention to drainage

If the water cooler and laser are not used for a long time, you need to check the drainage status of the equipment. We should ensure that the water in the water cooler’s water tank, pipes, pumps and other parts are completely drained to prevent freezing!

Drainage method

1. Water tank drainage method: As shown in the figure-1 below, open the drain valve at the lower part of the water tank to drain the water from the water tank. If necessary, you can tilt the water cooler to a certain angle so that the drainage port is the lowest point.


2. Drainage in the pipeline: As shown in the figure-2 below, open the water pipe interface, use the compressed air from the inlet and outlet of low-temperature water and high-temperature water respectively. Until the residual water of the water cooler is blown out. (Pipe structure is subject to actual conditions)


3. Open the water tank cover and observe if there is any residual water in the water tank. If so, tilt the water cooler slightly to make the water run out or use a dry towel to absorb the water.

4. Drain of pump head: There is a drain screw at the lower part of each pump head. When the water cooler needs to be stopped or transported for a long time, open the pump head drain screw to make the water in the pump exhaust blow out (You’d better use compressed air), and finally tighten the drain screw.


Tip two: The water cooler continue work

For the laser equipment in the working status, try to ensure that the ambient temperature of the laser is higher than 5℃. So that it can meet the normal use conditions of the machine.  If the ambient temperature of the equipment cannot be guaranteed to higher than 5 ° C.  Please also ensure that the laser water tank is always running. The water tank constant temperature system can keep the laser water system at the water tank setting temperature. (Note: we need find the power off in time)

Tip three: the choice of antifreeze

Fill the water tank with Antifrogen N antifreeze at a ratio of 3: 7 (3 is antifreeze and 7 is water). After adding the antifreeze, it can withstand temperatures of -20 ° C without freezing. (Because the antifreeze is corrosive, please clean the entire waterway after winter and replace it with normal cooling water).



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