How to adjust the press brake pressure

press brake

The press brake pressure is affected by some factors, and sometimes the pressure will affect the bending effect. To better the bending effect, we need to adjust the pressure in time. So that we can bend the equipment according to the rigidity of the plate.

1. Adjust the upper limit of the slider: adjust the slider position to make the rising slider stay at the required top dead center position, which can shorten the stroke interval of the slider and reduce the working cycle time. Thereby improving the consumption rate.

2. Operate the buttons on the box at the lower right of the workbench, the initial adjustment gap should be greater than the plate thickness. Adjust the gap according to the folded workpiece angle. You can also use the handwheel to stop the fine adjustment. The adjustment value is displayed by the calculator. Every single-digit increase or decrease is 0.1mm.

3. If the press brake workpieces’ angle does not diverge, loosen the nails and move the connecting rod to the left. Disengage the left and right rotating joints, turn into the handwheel to change the mechanical limit of one end. Reach the purpose of fine adjustment for the workpiece end.

4. If the angle of the workpiece is different at both ends and the middle angle is not disagreements, this can make the upper mold fine-tune the installation. When using the fine adjustment, bring the upper mold close to the lower mold groove. Slightly loosen the screws on the middle-upper mold connection template and the adjustment block, and then put the upper adjustment block in the middle section. In the middle of the small angle, make the upper die protruding by an appropriate amount, fasten the supporting nails. Try to folding until the full-length angle of the workpiece reaches the allowable value.

5. The adjustment of the bending force of the press brake: Calculate the sheet bending force kN value according to the bending force calculation formula. Calculate the indicated pressure P-value according to the bending force calculation formula. Then adjust the handwheel of the overflow valve, so that the force is slightly greater than the kN value of the folded plate.

6. Adjustment of the back gauge interval: The back gauge is used for positioning in the length direction when bending the sheet. The button on the front box controls the adjustment of the motor. The adjustment value can be read from the revolution table on the button box. The conversion value of the revolution table is 0, 1mm/rev, and there is a hand wheel to stop the fine adjustment. Press brake adjusts the pressure according to the above operation. When adjusting the pressure, some safety measures need to be taken. And when adjusting the pressure, it is necessary to bend according to the actual situation of the bent plate.



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